Thursday, April 26, 2012

“My” Printery 2 Almanac Series Prima Dress Form Mini Album

I have been having so much fun creating this mini album.  I had been collecting the Prima Almanac series from the latest 2012 release from Prima for a while.  I had also seen on line at the dress form chipboard album that I have been drooling over.  My friend, Paula who is the owner of a scrapbook store in my area ordered this for me and I couldn’t wait to get started putting together this fun project. I finally finished it this week and I wanted to share it with you.  If you would like to order the blank chipboard album, you can contact Paula at and I am sure she will be happy to order the  album for you.  I am an avid lover of anything to do with dress forms, chipboard, stamps, trinkets, paper, etc. The photos below are not exactly as the completed album is today, I have added more trinkets and charms and some  jewelry embellishments that I have acquired at various yard sale and estate sales and I have stamped some random images throughout the book to add a personal touch to some of the pages.


O- Front cover of Bound Album

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spools Galore!!

OMG,  today was my lucky day at an Estate Sale to find so many vintage wooden spools.  My friend June had gone to an Estate sale on Friday. When I visited her on Saturday she shared some of the laces and ribbons with me that she found, however, I spotted a few wooden spools she had also picked up,I said Oh that is what I am looking for and so we made another dash out to the same Estate Sale hoping it would still be going on, and lo and behold to my amazement I was the lucky recipient of all these wonderful wooden spools. I also found some vintage pen nibs. Tim Holtz would be so proud of my findings. There were other miscellaneous sewing items that I managed to get as well, another smaller muffin pan, some vintage crochet threads spools, a vintage jar with advertising, old metal zippers, and I almost forgot a vintage tape measure,and some old wooden needle holders.

IMG_0949IMG_0955 IMG_0913IMG_0919

The far left picture is all the spools I was lucky enough to get at the estate sale (90)

showing the labels and there were (6)) with no labels , next three photos are just various photos  of the same spools


IMG_0928 IMG_0925

Vintage tape measure, and pen nibs


Wooden needle holders, various photos of balls of crochet thread, far right photo shows the vintage jar I found with red lettering, I think it was an ink bottle, photo also shows metal zippers, it also shows two old plastic zipper containers. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Garage Sale Finds Before and After

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to go to a few garage sales. I truly have maxed out my scrapbook room space, however,  you know me and my love of vintage findings I couldn’t resist a few more terrific bargains.  Needless to say, I was back at it again painting and distressing my newly found treasures. Now I am forced stick to laces and ribbons and buttons and etc. for my future garage sale, thrift store ventures, absolutely, positively no room, for anything else.



Left to right, paper towel holder, basket (cutlery and napkin basket), wooden spindle rack,coca cola wooden box, old shoe shine box.


Close up views of basket and rack


Close up views of  vintage shoe shine box.

*** I don’t plan to re-do the coca cola box, due to the resale value if I choose not to hold on to it.



Also, same day at different garage sales I found these jewelry findings to use for my mini scrapbooks for charms to hang from the rings or just decorate ribbons and charms to hang  from flower embellishments, etc.


Below is a picture of a pin cushion I made using a recycled tin can, for the topper I inverted two ball jar rings and inserted the pin cushion it lifts off to hold pins and needles and a small pair of scissors.


I also found a nice wooden Windsor style rolling chair for my scrap room, I really like it.  The price was right $15.00, how could I pass that up…….Now I will have to make a trip to “Calico Corners” to find fabric to make a chair cushion.  I see another project on the horizon!  Hopefully, I can replace that old ugly teal carpet soon, however, I will have to be content for now.  This would be a major project to move everything out to put down  new carpet I need to purchase a vinyl mat now that I have casters on my chair, it doesn’t roll that smoothly on the carpet.