Friday, March 30, 2012

More changes to my scrapbook area

Well I have been at it again.  I am not sure if Pinterest is a blessing or a curse?????

I love seeing what others have done and it usually makes me want to  incorporate  some of the ideas to make changes to my already over crowded scrap area, however,I love all things vintage/ shabby chic.  Therefore, I am constantly moving and changing things around in my scrapbook room. Call it obsessive, call it I can’t get enough vintage, call it what you like, but I will never stop……!!! I think some of my obsessiveness is starting to rub off on my husband.  For the past few evenings I have been out in my scrap room rather late and my husband finds his way  out there to  just hangs out with me.  Maybe a good thing, I am always suggesting to him things I want him to make or help me alter and lately he has been so good to do it for me.  I am truly blessed.

I have such a small compact little room and now everything is doubled up, but it works for me.  I have the white cubes I purchased from Michaels last year and am happy to have them, but now I had to place work table in front of them therefore I have had to put things that I don’t use as  often in  some of the drawers that I am unable to readily access.  I have a lot more things on my  counters but at least they are out in plain view and hopefully I will reach for them instead of going to buy more. I have tons more ribbons and laces, but I tried to place a variety out in plain view.  I organized most of my ribbons and laces so I can see what I have at a glance instead of rummaging through drawers and cubby holes.  It does create a more cluttered work area, but I tend to get fresh new ideas for creating projects if I can see what I have on hand.  A lot of the  “will” to start a project is collecting your supplies and by the time I look through all my stashes I a sometimes get out of the mood or tend to put it off.  With this newly organized area I hope it will help me to use my supplies instead of just hoarding them.

I want to share with you some of the latest changes:  In a couple instances I will show you what I saw posted on Pinterest and then below I will show you my take on the  same idea.


I saw the above ideas posted on Pinterest:

Last weekend my husband and I went to a garage sale and saw these two square vintage cake pans for less than a dollar for both.  Wow !! Light Bulb went off in my head to make a tier display rack. Then I thought what I might use as the spindle to work for the center.   My husband said, “I have some long bolts” somehow that didn’t seem to be what I wanted, then I thought of the clear tubes I kept from and old ribbon holder that I kept when I threw out the cracked ribbon displays that I had purchased several years ago when a local scrapbook store went out of business.  This was perfect to house the bolt, my husband made it work.  We also went to a Goodwill store and I found a cute lamp, but the lampshade was perfect for the base of the tiered unit.  I painted it to have a vintage white wash look, I love the way it turned out.


Left photo is a work in progress:  Right photo is finished product.

Tray Idea Posted on Pinterest:


I love this idea for a tray to display vintage items .


Below is my take on the same idea.


The same day I found the cake pans I also saw this muffin tin at a different garage sale.  It was very rusty so I painted and distressed it to use to hold my “Hug Snug” ribbons that I have dyed.  The jar that is on the tray that has  holes in lid, I bought at Michael’s  priced at 1/2 off is an “Ashland Home Décor” item.  I plan to place more of the dyed Hug Snug Ribbon  in the jar and feed through the holes when I find the time to dye more ribbons.

The same day that I found the lamp at the Goodwill Center I also found (2) mini shelf and a 3 drawer mini  free standing unit that I painted one with the same White Wash Distressed look, the (3) drawer I just basically painted the drawers the unit was already painted cream so it did little work on these two items.

IMG_0803 IMG_0807IMG_0781

I so Love, Love them,  the price was right $3.00 each…I love being able to repurpose discarded items.  Works for me!!

Pinterest ideas for wooden clothes pins and wooden thread spools for wrapping ribbon and laces:


My Wrapped spools and spindles to hold Tim Holtz tape and Washi Tapes:


Left photo: odd thread spools and spindles for holding different Washi Tapes

Middle photo:  I painted empty vegetable food cans that I use to hold different sized manila tags

for making Vintage Tags.  I covered them with Tim Holtz Tapes and vintage laces and ribbons

and vintage style jewelry.  The two black tins are from Ashland Collection home décor I purchased at Michaels for 1/2 off sale.

Right photo: I used a hanging clear pocket display to hold various rolled vintage laces and display some vintage jewelry pins 


Below is a cover I made to fit over a large “Hunt’s tomato can to hold my glue and adhesives that I grab quickly for projects.  I have lots of other glues and adhesives, but these are my go to for quick and easy applications. Right side is a photo of a “Marie’s”  dressing jar that I covered the lid with stamped image and trim and buttons.  The lid is already black so I didn’t have to paint it. 


This is a vintage deep strainer that I placed on top of my black wire tiered unit to hold some of my vintage tags and journaling card etc., this way  I can rummage through them to attach to my completed scrapbook projects so much easier than looking through boxes and drawers to find just the right one. I also have a Silhouette die cutting machine and I make a lot of  my own designs of print and cut journaling cards so when I make a project I usually make several of the same kind and put the extras in the this rack for quick access.  

Below are  some random views of scrapbook area: