Thursday, May 9, 2013

Antique Singer sewing table modified

My latest addition to my scrap room is this antique Singer sewing table that belonged to my aunt,  the sewing machine was in very poor condition so I didn’t keep it.  It broke my heart to discard it.  I did, however keep some of the parts to use in future projects.  The Singer metal name label, some handles, etc. 

I did redo the cabinet drawers to use for storage of vintage lace. The table top is made from  recycled shelving and the front trim is the original trim from the front of the original cabinet (oak, rounded corner trim) of vintage sewing machine table. My husband spray painted the cast iron bottom black.  I painted the top white and did shabby chic effects to the painted surface of the table top and drawers.  I was also able to salvage the decorative front facer board from the old cabinet to place on the  front of the new table top.



Purse made from vintage laces and muslin

I am enjoying having my sewing machine at my fingertips. When,  I see something unique on different blogs and and or Pinterest I feel the urge to bring out my machine and sew.

These are my latest creations: Purse made from vintage laces and muslin, using seam binding ribbon to embellish, and metal charms also a small tote that houses my Viking sewing cartridges.