Monday, March 25, 2013

New Scrapbook Room

After many long awaited years, I finally have my new scrapbook room.  I have been an avid scrapbooker  for about 12  years, before that I mostly did needle crafts and sewing.  My daughter got me hooked on scrapbooking when my youngest granddaughter, Madison, was just an infant.  Tina is a stay at home mom and she began watching the DIY channel and from that  she became a self taught scrapbooker.  After receiving a few special handmade gifts, cards, and mini albums she made for me, I got the fever and wanted to learn how to scrapbook for myself.  My love of scrapbooking grew with every new “  I  gotta have” trinkets and tools and embellishments  that my craft space was slowly being filled with way too much and finally I could not even move around and everything was doubled up.  My style of scrapbooking is partly about my love for sewing, (vintage style), therefore my stash of supplies has outgrown my space.  Although it is not a huge area, it is still more than I had and I am so happy.  I have spent many sleepless nights wondering how I was going to organize my new space and trying to contain myself not to buy a lot of new things,  and being on a tight budget I was very proud of myself  for being very frugal, however, I did buy a few new baskets to match my new d├ęcor, but for the most part just worked with what I had.  I made my curtains/drapes.  I did not do floor length because after all the jet max cubes you couldn’t see the bottoms and there for I was able to save some on fabric. I still have to purchase a couple small area rugs to place at the doorways, but other than that I can say I am so pleased with the way everything turned out.   My husband and my son and myself  have worked very hard to finish it in a short amount of time.  My son worked during the day at his job and even though he was tired he still came home and was  very diligent in making “mom” happy by lending a hand with some of the work my husband and I could not do ourselves.  He did all the electrical work and a lot of the carpentry work and of course the wall and ceiling painting and he also laid the flooring.  I really appreciate everything he did for me.  My husband and I did all the trim and finish painting literally blood sweat and tears went into this project.  I had pretty much the concept of how I wanted things to look, and sometimes my husband was willing to go the extra expense and mile in the labor work, but some things I had to compromise to his way of doing it.  However, the end results are very rewarding and I could not be happier.  This project was labor intensive, due to the fact my husband is 65 and his health is not the best, he suffers from multiple health issues and is a diabetic and he has good days and bad days and he pushed through many hours of pain just to make my dream a  reality.  I really appreciate him!!!!!!!

I have uploaded a few pictures to share, I wished I had taken more before pictures, but was just concentrating  on working with my husband to complete the job that I didn’t take the time to take many pictures during the different stages. 

My room was a outside porch area. We only enclosed a portion and we still have much more work to do to the rest of the porch to tie it all in on the outside, but that will come as soon as the weather permits.  We also plan to paint the entire house.  My room was just the beginning of a some badly needed work to do for “upkeep” on the outside of the existing  house.  Thank God my room was done first !!!!!!!

few photos of room before moving in ( I wished I had taken more before pictures.)

12031205  1201

This picture shows the beam I covered in the same fabric as the curtains, we tried so many ideas to cover this beam and this was my idea and we went with it saved us some extra work. 

1204This  photo shows an existing wood unit we had on the porch that used to hold antique tools old barn pictures, I painted the tongue and groove planks black and my husband opened  up the bottom to give me more storage space.  One end is still enclosed for some existing plumbing that we capped off.


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this shelf unit is one I already had, I plan to make a curtain to cover it, there is going to be a rocking chair in front, I will need to move it when I have to get to my shelf, but I ran out of room, but I wanted a chair I could sit in to watch TV. We still have to move the TV from the bedroom in here.  I still have some vinyl words to put up and a couple things to hang  on the walls but it is done.