Sunday, October 20, 2013

Marty’s Book of Lace

I had seen on YouTube several tutorials on making a book of laces, one was ribbon holder, however, knowing my feel and love for vintage laces, I wanted to make a book to hold some of my vintage lace.  These are just a few of my laces that I will probably never use, mostly hoard.  I wanted a way to display them so I set out to make my take on this idea.  This book was a lot of fun to make.  I didn’t have a pattern just created it as I went along.  I don’t really have dimensions just whatever worked is what I did.

close up of front cover view2close up of front cover view 1close up of front cover view 2

front view of closurefront view of book pagesclose up of inside front cover pocket page

inside front cover and page 1page 2 and 3

page 4 and 5page 6 and 7

page 10 and inside back coverside view of spine view 2back of book view 1back of book view1

front cover view 4