Saturday, April 13, 2013

My New Scrapbook Room

With many hours of literally blood,sweat,and tears I now have a beautiful room of my very own to scrapbook and sew and just create my projects.  It has been a long awaited dream to have more room to do my scrapbooking,crafting and sewing in.

Although, I was very appreciative to have had my old scrap space, this new room is much more suited for my needs.  I just love it.  I spend many hours now just sitting and enjoying my new space.  I have a chair that I can sit and relax and watch TV when I need a break from crafting, and etc.

There are still some minor things that I need to finish,  I need to hang a few things, paint the door between my cutting area and paint my bedroom door that is off the hall area where my cutting area and above the doorway I have to put the tongue and groove wood pieces back, (we had to replace them due to some water damage from the last hurricane). We replaced the under boards long ago, but never got around to replacing the pieces to go above the door.  I have them painted just need to have hubby put them up.  You will see this in the photos, hopefully it will be this week sometime.  We have other projects going on that need our immediate attention so I am sure this is not on the top of his list of things to do.  Okay enough rambling I will let the photos speak for themselves. 

IMG_1798IMG_1769IMG_1770IMG_1771IMG_1774IMG_1776IMG_1772IMG_1773IMG_1777IMG_1778IMG_1779IMG_1780IMG_1781IMG_1782IMG_1783IMG_1784IMG_1785IMG_1787IMG_1788IMG_1789IMG_1790IMG_1791IMG_1792IMG_1793IMG_1794IMG_1796IMG_1797IMG_1805IMG_1806IMG_1799IMG_1804IMG_1803IMG_1808IMG_1812IMG_1810IMG_1809IMG_1813IMG_1814IMG_1815IMG_1802Door leads to outside, I still have to put my vinyl wall art above doorway.  It will read “Vintage Scrapper”.

P.S. there are a few things that have changed since these photos were taken, all however, it is pretty much the same.

Below are photos of the hall area that I redid to make my cutting area:

This cabinet used to house my Beanie Baby Collection I was light colored wood and I painted it black.


This was an existing counter/bar area that was nothing but a catch all  and stayed cluttered most of the time so I made better use of it and made it my cutting area.  Love Love Love now I have a place to keep my cutting machines out so they are ready for use.  Maybe I will actually used them more now. Before it was a pain to drag them out to use so I didn’t make use of the tools I have. Now I CAN!!!!!!!!

This is a view looking from the kitchen area down the hall that leads to my scrapbook room  showing my new cutting area. Here is where you see the wood above the doorway that still has to have the tongue and groove pieces put in place….

This is my cork board I couldn’t  center on wall because of A/C controller, but I am ok with that. I still have a picture to hang on the opposite side to balance wall, just have to get hubby to hand for me there is electric wiring for light switch on other side of wall and I don’t want to hit any electric wiring so I will let him hang it.    LOL

This door leads to my bedroom I still have to paint it.  You can still see the painters tape on the ceiling I have to paint one more coat of paint on the trim as well.