Friday, March 7, 2008

Sneak Peek "Recipes Remembered" Album April's Class

Here it is a sneak peak of the upcoming class for April.  I have been wanting

to do a recipe album for quite sometime, I had this project on the back burner 

for almost six months gathering special elements, searching the intranet

for unique stamps and now it has arrived.  The style for this album is of a

Nostalgic nature, lots of collage and stamping  techniques using blacks, reds,

creams, and mustard colored papers. The album size is 6"x8".  This class  will be limited to 12 participants as supplies are limited.

The Deadline for sign ups is March 29th, 2008. The class fee will be



Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good News/Bad News

I have something to share with you about Stampin' Up....some good, some not so good.  I will start with the bad news first.  As we all know that gas prices have gone up drastically, which means UPS shipping rates have gone up too. Now it is seems to be effecting everyone.

Bad News:  As of April 1st, Stampin' Up is going to raise their shipping rates from $3.95 or 10% of your order (which one is greater) to $6.95 or 10% of your order (which one is greater) So what that means, is you almost have to order a $69.50 order to make the shipping worth your while so you only pay 10% of your merchandise order total for the shipping, if not you will be spending $6.95 shipping on an order smaller than $69.50. 

Good News: Starting sometime in April , you can use your debit card or your credit card to purchase Stampin' Up merchandise through your demonstrator. They are finally going to accept credit card payments!! I will alert you when

I know the exact date this will take effect.

Below is the Shipping notice straight from Stampin Up

Minimum Shipping Price Increased
March 3, 2008

As you've heard by now, we're raising our shipping prices. This is a move we've postponed as long as we possibly could, but with rising prices affecting almost every aspect of doing business in today's world, we finally had to.

We considered several different options, and after gathering input from many sources, including the Advisory Board, we choose a strategy that was very simple and straightforward--we simply upped our minimum shipping price to $6.95. Other options included tiered levels of increases based on the size of the orders, and frankly, most people we talked to felt those options were difficult to understand and complicated to implement. Since the end result was the same for all options, we went with what everyone felt was the most simple approach.

Keep in mind that this increase won't affect your workshop orders; nothing will change for your workshop customers! We feel strongly that workshops are the heart of our business, where relationships are made and strengthened, and where you reinforce your value as an expert your customers can rely on as they express their creativity. The increase will affect orders placed outside the workshop environment, including your own supply orders.

We know this news isn't welcome--and we wish we didn't have to do it. But we also know that you understand the costs associated with doing business. We thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your support.