Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Reorganization

Recently my friend, June, employed me to take on the challenge of re-organizing her scrapbook storage closet.  This is a work in progress.  This job mostly consisted of un-cluttering in front of her existing closet.  After a few hours she was able to access her closet.  Future plans are to incorporate the 14x14 white storage cubes  purchased from Michaels Craft store. 

I will share a few before and after photos of the “work in progress!”

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Recent Class for Vero Scrapbook Store (Valentine Theme)

Recently I held a class for Vero Scrapbook Store.  It was a small class, however, fun was had by all. I look forward to doing many classes in the near future for the store.


Front Cover of Valentine Book Project -  Feb 13, 2010

My Scrap Room Redo

Once again I was forced to make some changes to my scrap room area. Although it was a much needed change, I was not prepared to step up to the plate and do it, I was forced to take the bull by the horns and get it done. 

After many years of not having my laundry area completed, my husband decided to make me happy and finish the walls and make some much needed shelving and counter top in my laundry area for me to have some extra scrapbooking area to be able to use my die cutting machines without having to put them away after each use.

He completed the job several months ago and I was thrilled beyond expression, however, two weekends ago my grand daughter was sitting at the counter with the laptop computer and I heard a pop, I went to see what the noise was all about and Tiffany said, “I think the shelf is about to come down “, so then I immediately told her to get the computer and for her to move out of the area.  No sooner than she left the room, the shelving came loose from the wall and everything came crashing down on my poor head.  Oh my, what a mess! After the initial shock, of it all seeing all my treasures on the floor, I began cleaning up the  area and moving it all over the place just to get the walk area clear.  My husband said when he put the shelving up he had no idea the weight I was putting on the shelves and he said, “ I never designed them to hold that much weight.”  Now he will have to reinforce the shelves and put it back. I put the shelving units on my countertop for now, until he can fix them.  This is not the final outcome, but for now at least it gives me a workable area to use my machines. I like having my full counter space, however this will have to do for now.

I would love to have new carpet in my room, but for now I will have to deal with the existing carpet remnant it is teal and faded out, but one thing at a time is all my budget will allow. 

In the meantime, I had to find space for a big portion of what fell.  I began the tedious process of re doing my scrapbook space by removing a utility shelving unit and replaced with the 14x14 white storage cubes I purchased at Michaels to reorganize the area where the utility shelving unit was.  I must say it looks much better now that I condensed and got rid of some supplies I no longer needed and was just storing thinking I would someday need it.  Of course, you know all of us scrapbookers have to have the “I gotta have stuff”  most of the time I never use it so it was time to re-cycle by giving away, donating to Goodwill, or just plain trashing.  I don’t recommend this being the best way to re-organize, however I was forced to get it done.  I am glad it is behind me now, so I can get back in the mood to Scrapbook my memories.

Here are a few pictures of the re-organized area.


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