Thursday, May 22, 2014

My latest passion

I have always been intrigued with  all things shabby chic.  I love anything vintage especially repurposing old furniture to take on the shabby chic look.  Quite a number of years back, I went for the more country, primitive look, but my style has changed the past 15 years or so.  As with most of us, life passes by year by year and we never can seem to get around to the things we want to accomplish in life.  However, as of late, I am trying to get around to refinishing some of the pieces of furniture that I have had for many years to take on a more shabby chic look.  I recently found a piece of furniture at a local thrift store.   I so  love with the way it turned out, that I can’t wait to move on my next project.  Of course, once again life has a way of putting things on hold .  I plan to get back on tract as soon as (2) graduation events for my granddaughters  take place early in June.  Next will be a visit from my daughter Tina and youngest granddaughter Madison early July hopefully after these plans I will be gearing up to start on my long awaited projects.  I am in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products and techniques. I  am so fortunate to have a local Stockist in my town, “House of Charm Antiques”, they have been so wonderful in sharing techniques and allowing me to come in and play with the colors and mix various colors to make custom colors for some recent pieces that I have completed for my granddaughter, Megan who lives with us, for her room.  She loves the more modern, bright look . It was hard for me to just do a piece very  plain.  I still have several pieces to paint for her room but once again, time has not  permitted me to complete this project .  Too many events for her senior year, prom, etc,  and planning for her graduation that those projects have also been placed on the “back burner”.






My bedroom project is a work in progress, I have several more pieces to redo using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I also have to make my new curtains for widows, rip up carpet and put down laminate flooring and paint the walls.  So yes, this will be a huge project.  All my bedroom furniture is many different styles but will all be painted using same technique.  The table beside my bed belonged to my mother.  It is a simple table, but because it was my mom’s I can’t bear to part with it and it is small enough to fit in the space that I have.  I have already painted it to match my dresser.

IMG_2885 IMG_2880



I love my pink “Paris”knob for the drawer pull.

I have my moms old metal hump back trunk,  I can’t wait to redo it also using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in  pure white.  I will do a future  post of  before and after pictures when I begin this project.   Also, I have to find a new or old desk to redo for my computer area that is located in bedroom,  wish I had more space to re-locate it but I just don’t have the room.  I have a very small house, maybe when the “nest” is empty once again I will have more space but for now it will have to stay in my bedroom……

Megan’s Room also a work in progress,


I have also painted the mirrors for her dresser and a jewelry wall hanging frame


I still have to paint these pieces

We still have to stencil the wall above her bed, find her drapes (curtains), paint her closet door, also her TV will be hung from wall mount, get new lamps and throw rugs so definitely a work in progress.